A Hybrid Equity Selector
Unites fundamental and technical factors

The TEKnalysis Process     Theory of Operation

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The INVESTMENT RESEARCH INSTITUTE™ believes that one should earn money on a 24/7 basis by employing a TACTICAL ASSET ALLOCATION strategy like TEKnalysis™. It is possible to arrange your portfolio so that it is bulletproof in either a Bull Market or a Bear Market. TEKnalysis™,scours the top markets, sectors, and rating techniques to find the best stocks available in a timely way.

TEKnalysis facilitates an investor's ability to be at the right place at the right time. Growth stocks perform positively for only 60% to 75% of the year. Holding stocks on a full time basis has to factor in some sideways and/or downside movement.   Such unproductive movement should be avoided whenever possible. Downside movement occurs three to five times faster than upward  movement . Therefore, when to sell is most important.  Also, as much as 65 percent of a stocks movement can be attributed to its associated industry and/or to its principal country of operation.  Success requires patience, eternal vigilance and Teknalysis™  

The strategy is as follows:

  • Screen relevant stocks and indexes

  • Select those that fit your financial objectives

  • Time purchases and sales as to maximize results while minimizing risks

  • Monitor via Teknalysis - watch*, buy, hold and sell

  • Measure actual profitability at a minimum of once a month



Source: Scottrade.com

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